Wed, 2/6/13

As short-lived as it may be in our teetering unknown income world right now,

I PAID OFF my 2 credit cards this week! (Total around $1,000)

Doesn’t make sense to have money left in the emergency savings fund, while paying interest on credit cards.

Now. the bad news. Today is my business class.  The 2nd one so far. AND my babysitter just called off!  Different one. Has happened TWICE now.  I can’t leave them for more than 4 hours at any given time,  for any reason,  in the 1st place due to weird, stupid, lawyer-bought, stipulations in our custody agreement, so I have been quite clever at finding ways to make things work anyway- like this class only being *3* hours long AND during a time when only *2* kids will be left with a sitter.  Great, right?  BUT I CANT GET A SITTER TO ACTUALLY SHOW UP!  Last one- the sitter’s daughter was sick… Today’s- the sitter is sick.

So I’m left looking for a plan *D*, hours before a class I CAN NOT MISS.  If I miss a class during the 10 weeks, I lose my chance at business funding. (You can probably guess who is cheering for that to happen, thus not very quick to want to help.)

Then, add in my over-protective-ness + the boys’ special needs + my financial situation = I can’t just JUMP on the 1st person who says they’ll help…

Hunting for a plan D…


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