I’m BACK! 2/4/13

I’ve been under the weather the past several days… just completely worn out/needed the break.

Although, I stayed OFF the computer, I couldn’t keep myself OUT of my studio!  I have a lot of new products I will be debuting SOON- hopefully this week or next.  But *1st* I need to finish  package, & ship the orders placed over the past few days. (goal: TODAY.)

I already replied to all messages I received during this time.

I/we believe I have (5?) appointments so far this week…. off the top of my head/not checking the book.  BUT nothing for today- so today I plan to do as much “WORK” stuff as possible.

Thomas has been a bit better- no major issues.

Items that need listed ASAP: One Size diapers, XL diapers, Newborn diapers, Belts, pet supplies!




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