How Much MORE??!!

 AT LEAST I see a CLEARING ahead!

Everything has been falling apart and a stressful mess. I went to return the rental and they tell me TODAY it was only covered through last Friday… the day they told me not to worry, it was all taken care of.  So, now I’m fighting having to pay the $150/day in rental fees for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today.  & my van didnt get fully fixed.  BUT I have it back! and Its drivable!  Waiting for the whole rental/ins/wreck mess to be over!

About to head to an IEP meeting.  Again, the faster I get us through this, the faster that stress isnt hanging over my head!

I NEED a vacation! Even if I just go hang with a friend for a weekend.  Just to get away (a weekend I dont have kids here) and HIDE from the life mess here…

I start my class wed night. still haven’t found a baby sitter…

I spent part of the day reorganizing a bunch of stock/products, getting them all sorted out. Next step is to go in and make sure EACH (over 200 items listed in store) is actually listed, & didn’t just end up in the “listed stock” bins. AND take new pictures for most, AND create packaging etc.

Still have budgeting stuff to figure out… expenses last worked down to $1,180/mth, but still too high right now… need to figure out what else to cut… & need to MAKE more so I can buy wholesale fabrics….


Alright! off to the IEP meeting!!




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