Saturday Ramblings 1/26/13

The 3 youngest are with their dad for the weekend.  Christopher sang the national anthem at a basketball game last night. I asked their dad if he’d take them, and he agreed.  I didn’t go. I feel guilty.  But hey, it was $6, and he was singing 1 song and then you sit through the game. I try to go to ALL of their stuff. …. & they weren’t “alone”… their dad was there. (& probably with his new family.)  I would’ve been just sitting off alone in the audience anyway…

About to pack/ship an order today- its the LAST day to ship before rates INCREASE!

Volunteering today. Meeting afterward today.  Possible used clothing purchase today- stuff to upcycle into a new “recycled” line.  I also plan to sell buttons, etc….anything else cool I can rescue from the products. Already have some VERY cute ideas…

I NEED TO MAKE COATS for our dogs!  Especially the baby- she shivers every time I take her out… poor thing. 😦

The puppy is up and bouncing around HYPER today… having a fur-baby is similar to a human baby… they wake you up to potty/eat.  They wake early and CRY until you come get them from their “crib”. They have to eat every few hours & need constant attention. (You’d think I was torturing her that I won’t let her in my studio lol.)  And they get into EVERYTHING.  Oh. & there’s the teething.  THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE: you can leave them home alone & not go to jail… ;-P

Alright. I gotta go put in my 5+ hours!

~There are ALWAYS people worse off than you. Go find them, and HELP make a difference.~


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