The afternoon, Thursday 01/24/13

It’s these rough phases that I miss my kids the most while they are off to school, and at their dads.  I keep thinking about Thomas’s fit.  I just want to hug him and tell him we will figure this all out and we will get through this.  I want to comfort each of them, ensuring this is a phase and we will endure and find a solution that fits us all.  I want answers. A solution.  I don’t want him/them to hurt anymore.  I want them to enjoy a “typical” childhood and grow up to be happy, healthy adults, fulfilling their passions.

As for my afternoon, it’s been too much down time.  I can’t find my camera.  I’m am 100000000% sure I’m probably staring RIGHT at it. : P  Continual prayers of “Ok God, You know I am completely helpless and can’t do ANYTHING with out Your help… please, PLEASE help me find my the camera…..”

I picture God looking down and laughing, “Yep.  She is truly helpless…”  Alright, time to go hunting some more…..

2 thoughts on “The afternoon, Thursday 01/24/13

  1. Catholics pray to St.Anthony when looking for something:
    Tony, Tony,
    look around.
    Something’s lost
    and must be found!

    *Might as well try it. Can’t hurt!

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