Wednesday 1/23/13

ok…I typed out a whole page and hit something and it all deleted. argh.

So. yesterday sucked.  Last week through yesterday sucked.  BUT I’m getting back up, dusting myself off and starting over again TODAY.

We only have 4 appointments this week, being a 4 day week.  2 of them are today.

Today’s plan is to catch up on laundry (already working on it) and hopefully in between laundry get some sewing done.  It’s early dismissal day at school, so not as much time, but still determined.

I still have a bunch of stuff in process and need to get it all caught up.  I also have been saving clear, recyclable containers with the plan to upcycle them into packaging for products at crafts fairs etc.  The plan is to make special sized items to fit the containers, specifically for these events.

My van has been shipped off to the body shop. & I’m ready to give back this rental and back in our own van!  I never want to own a car that I have to be constantly afraid someone will get dirty or damage etc. Its not worth the stress!  It’s better to just shovel it out occasionally… ;P

Ok. Back to work!!



Had quite a blessing from an AppleBees Manager, on behalf of his store tonight.  It’s great to know there are caring people out there.

I got A LOT of laundry caught up today. AND 3 more trainers finished.

Thomas has had another rough day.  It helps some to have professionals remind me its NOT me causing his behavior… but it’s harder to grasp it on a more emotional level…  talks of special classrooms at school…adding a school aid… etc…  His IEP is this next Monday…

I’m worn out…..I’m hoping to call it an early night…


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