Tuesday Morning :-(

Not starting off very well. So. The person who hit my van and caused it to be undrivable, has not replied since THURSDAY and blocked me on facebook etc… um. yep. sounds about like my luck.  I’m told at least $2,000 in damages to be fixed before its drivable…

You know, it’d be a little understandable if I was at any way at fault… BUT then again, if it were me I wouldn’t have left them stranded, especially with nothing more than a “well you’ll have to wait. My husbands taking a nap” as the last reply last week…

I really don’t understand people…

God, help me out here. I feel like I’m melting…


I left and took the boys to school. While in line at parent drop off, someone backed into my rental van. EEK.  At least the guy was nice.

So, then I go get cupcakes for Andrew for school. I “parked” my cart and walked over to ask the bakery section if they were “nut free” as I apparently cant bring anything with “nuts” into the school. A guy ran into my cart with his cart… “whoops sorry”

LOL! REALLY?! Does that count as *3* accidents this week that were not my fault? 😛

I get to school. They aren’t sure if they’ll allow the cupcakes I just invested $25 into!  They ones the store said were the closest thing Id find… They said “call back between 1-2 and check. You may need to bring something else or he wont be able to celebrate his bday.”  OK… I wait. I call. NO ANSWER. I leave a message. Now it’s time to pick up kids… my heart breaks for poor Andrew.  He already had a bad b-day experience at AppleBees when I took him out, and now maybe at school?  Poor little guy… Guess I’ll find out.

I’ve spent the whole day trying to reach insurance people, auto shops, the rental place, etc etc etc etc.  At my witts end.  When I got a phone call.  It was a manager from Apple Bees. He feels bad about our experience and wants to stop by our house tomorrow to see Andrew…..?  We actually talked for awhile on the phone lol… He’s from Cleveland and know nothing of the area etc.  I guess we shall see what the plan is….


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