For anyone as “computer challenged” as I am, here are some pointers about our page/blog.

Along the top of the page, there is a cross bar with tabs.  Each tab itself is another page of our story, and then if you hover over the tabs on the crossbar, more tabs will appear for even more pages of our story.

For example:  The crossbar has the tab “ABOUT US”. If you CLICK on the tab, it brings up a page with a summary of “us”.

 If you HOVER over “ABOUT US”, more pages will appear.  

EX: Hover over “About Us”, and “The Boys” will appear <—– A summary of all 4 boys, with photos.

And if you hover over the “The Boys” page title, even more pages will appear- one for each boy.

I’m glad I took the time to write out each page in our blog.  Even I need to remind myself from time to time how far we have come and how blessed we really are.



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