A Day In The Life Of…

MONDAY, Martin Luther King Jr Day. TODAY, I decided to blog my steps of a typical day.


House is quiet.  I wake up, get dressed, take dogs out, make my coffee, feed the animals.


Work on the blog. Editing pages, re-reading and correcting grammar, as well as reminding myself of our journey and how far I have come.  Did some studio clean-up.  Thought about which projects to work on next.  (Maybe I’ll get to that MINKY or the sock monkey diapers&trainers. Maybe even the many other diapers & trainers I have started but haven’t finished.)

And, wow, the boys’ room is TRASHED again.  I have to find sitter so I can take a business course very soon. (The class will be at an odd time, with only my 2 youngest here, and only about 2 hrs per week+ lots of homework- so no worries about the “4 hr rule”.)   I should probably find time to dig out their room before then.   All it takes is *1* of Thomas’s anger trips to trash it all over again.  It’s like shoveling snow in a blizzard.


The boys wake up. Thomas is having a rough day.  I have no idea why. Christopher and Thomas at each other throats. Finally, Christopher goes in to wash dishes.  Thomas sitting quietly in a chair in the living room with his blanky.  At some point, he got up to get a drink of water. Meanwhile, Andrew came down stairs.


Andrew ends up with massive nose bleed, after he apparently came down and sat in the living room chair, not knowing Thomas had been there minutes before. Thomas came back in, got angry, and shoved Andrew out of the chair. I didn’t make it in fast enough. Thomas kicked Andrew in the face.  Andrew starts squirting blood everywhere. Living room, dining room, kitchen, and Andrew’s new sweater all look like a murder scene.


Andrew’s nose stopped bleeding.  Kitchen floor wiped up.  Sweater pre-treated with Dawn Dish Soap. Carpets….well. I hope it comes up when I shampoo them. Time to give each of them there medications & take dogs out again.


8 medications distributed. Another cup of coffee. Breakfast prepared and kids eating. Thomas an angry mess still. Dear God, please calm & heal this child.  Christopher still staring at dishes, doesn’t look like he has accomplished anything… he is off in space somewhere.  Constant redirection- it is 100000000x MORE WORK to have these boys perform basic chores than it would be to just do it myself.  I can hear the people in my head who are constantly telling me things like “you don’t need help. you have 4 boys. make them do it.” and similar things. Sooo tired of people who PREACH to me and refuse to realize these are not “typical” children.  They can barely dress their selves!  Thankful for the professionals in our lives.  I’m 32 and still working on teaching myself to not care what others think about me/us.  I know I will get there someday…


Thomas running in circles and screeching and growling.  At least he seems “happier.”   Christopher still “doing dishes.”  Andrew is off being his quiet self.  Time to accomplish something today! Everything is sooooooo far behind….


Christopher STILL doing dishes…but nearly finished. (This was less than 2 meals worth of dishes.) 3 1/5. HOURS.   Walked the dogs again. Freckles is picking up the house training fast for barely 8 weeks old (THANK GOD lol). I did some more blog work, edited existing ads, created a SALE code for today:


And posted in Etsy Forums (free advertisements), twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc.  I can’t find my house under the mess, BUT I got online stuff updated at least…  Other than coffee, I haven’t taken a break to even eat.  Alright. Back to WORK.


I created a treasury for VALENTINES DAY 2013. Check it out here:



boys “cleaning” their room. (um yeah. exactly.) Christopher helping with some things around the house.  I got the living room, studio, dining room picked up and vacuumed.  Dealt with a flooded bathroom.  Picked up a million  toys and dirty clothes from all over. And cleaned my studio.  It’s amazing how messy a room can get that NO animals OR kids are allowed in… hmmmm.  Put some new fabrics away. Packed some Christmas shop items into air tight containers for 2014.    & I’m also supposed to find a body shop per insurance who just called… apparently they don’t seem to get it’s a HOLIDAY and everything is CLOSED. $2,000 worth of damage to my van, 4-5 days worth of work not including waiting for parts- and that is THEIR totals.  Who knows what will happen once I get in to an actual shop/someone NOT responsible for paying for it. Time to feed kids & then maybe sewing????


The boys’ room looks a little better & I got some sewing done. I have 24 training pant outers sewn, and 3 inside cuts sewn.  I had the pieces already cut out- but had to re-iron and sew on the appliques to the outsides and sew the soakers to the inside pieces.  All pieces I have started before, but never have had a chance to finish- I had them folded and stored in my labeled boxes, waiting to get finished.  When I get them completely done, that’ll be 2 dozen trainers to list!  There are a few solids, batman, My Little Pony, Robots, Patch Quilt, firefighter, etc.   The 3 youngest boys are about to go to their dad’s for a couple hours- long enough for dinner and baths, and then back home.  Hoping to get more done during that time.


Oooooooooooooooook. I haven’t gotten anything BIG done since the boys left. I’ve had a sleeping puppy on my lap and worked on my blog some more- I added a FURBABY section.

“ABOUT US”—-> “Fur-babies”—–> and then 5 more pages, one for each pet. (6 pages total.) Check it out!

It’s 66 degrees in here and I think I’m frozen to my chair. Our utility bill was $300 & of course with our horrible week last week, so I’m cutting costs even more than usual.   Ok! Off to lay the fur-baby down, wash my hands, and get back to work!


I finished 2 trainers- one robots and one batman.   Glad I got something done.  Only 22 more trainers to go. I have all the pieces for a solid green trainer- maybe I’ll get it done tomorrow.  The rest of the trainer cuts need the inside layer cuts still.  I also dug out the house and got everything clean again.  The boys got home early and are overly hyper.  I’m going to give the dog her meds, then go get the boys calmed down and in bed and go to bed myself…. and start it all over again tomorrow…



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