End of Week #4

It’s been a really bad week. Sales are down. Bills are way up.  Van is in limbo. Dog hurt her paw. etc etc

Time to count the positives:

#1 We still have our wonderful Andrew, and he is 7 today!

#2 I got a rental so we aren’t currently stranded now.

#3 Our volunteer time yesterday went well, during our circle prayer time, they prayed for me/our situation, and 2 different people even pulled me over to the side, to speak words of encouragement etc. It really feels great to know someone cares & all I do makes a difference.

#4 We got a new puppy. The boys took so well to Jazzy, and Thomas has brightened up so much with her aid, that I agreed to take a 8 week old Puggle.  It’s hard to get depressed when you got so many cuddle buddies.

#5 Jazzy is doing better.  We were able to get some medication for her leg, and she’s fully supporting herself on it etc. 

#6 We made it to church and it was really great. It was about how un-forgiveness can hold us back from success, and also included how to learn to honor/care for a parent who wasn’t really a parent during one’s childhood.

#7 I was accepted into a special business class! It is a 10 week course, and under the time frame that I can leave the children for.(just need to figure out how to pay a sitter)  If I make it to every class, I may be eligible for financial help with my business, as our little city is on the hunt for new businesses to open here& this class is supposed to help open hidden doors.

#8 Thomas may be eligible for an in school aid & an in home aid.  His IEP is coming up and they say they are going to finally add at least some of the modifications he needs.  His teacher already let him take his BIG 3rd grade reading level test again- the 1st time was along with the class and he got a kindergarten level- which means he’d fail the 3rd grade, no questions or excuses- BUT she let him take it again, with the changes they want to add– he scored 4th grade reading level!  It’s like this- if you put him in a class full of kids and expect him to keep up and stay focused, and not get overwhelmed- its really bad.  His handwriting is illegible. His senses are all out of whack.  BUT if you wait until he’s having a “good” day, give him more time to write and more quiet, uninterrupted space, his scores go way up.

#9 2 dogs, of 2 different sizes means 2 “guinea pigs” to increase my pet line!

#10 I officially have business cards/a business card PDF.

#11 I have people in my life who want to see me success.

#12 a local church was going around praying and randomly choosing houses to bless & ask for prayer requests this afternoon.  My oldest happened to answer the door. I heard him say -yeah our van& financial situation- they apparently added it to their list and handed him a box and left. He brought me the sealed box and across the top it read ” YES there is hope.”  it was filled with food.  I just about cried… Hope. It’s what keeps me going and fighting each and every day. Though some days…or weeks… are more difficult than others.

Well, off to get everyone in bed!

“We live by faith, not by sight.” -2 Corinthians 5:7



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