the past two days have SUCKED.  My van (and our only mode of transportation to fit our family) got wrecked while parked in front of our home.   It is undrivable. AND our dog woke up with her leg all swollen and needs to go to the vet hospital ASAP.

Everything had to be canceled yesterday (except 1 case manager appt at home), including my oldest son’s church stuff. Today life had to be put on hold to find a rental van, schedule the vet, etc etc….   

And of course, earlier this same week, I was informed I need a $830 surgery by the end of February. and NO etsy sales at all this week… 

All of which is a BIG financial hit, on a not so financially blessed week…

on a positive note, I got accepted into a business class, with potential for loans, grants etc etc at the end & we supposed to go look at a 2nd therapy dog/puppy.  I choose an older one, and just one a while back, as I wanted to make sure everything worked out and the boys were able to handle having a dog 1st.  It has been such an absolute miracle for Thomas!  Everything about him has gotten better. 

But as of right now, I think we need to do something FUN tonight after all this mess.


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