Update Wed, 1/16/13

Yesterday was my turn at the dentist… I need $830 for a root canal and they expect me to have it done by the end of February.  I’ve dealt with the pain for over a year because I don’t have the $$ and now they think I can pull it out of thin air? I think not. Not with out some miracle at least.  For now, I’m on antibiotics 3x per day for 10days… which I completely forgot about.  All the meds for the kids-which I never forget, and I completely forgot about myself. (mom-syndrome)


Today has been a loooooonnnnnnggggg day.  Thomas had a rough morning. He is NOT a morning person at all.

I got his IEP meeting scheduled, including learning about more testing they want and a little about new accommodations they will be adding.  This week I learned he may be eligible for an in-home aid, as well as a 1hr/week in school aid.  If I could get the in-home aid, I’d try for MORNINGS before school.  It takes about 2 hours to get him up, dressed, medicated, etc and then finally out the door.  And of course I have 3 other kids here I need to get up, dressed, and out the door for school too.  (Thomas off meds is WW3 + he is NOT a morning person, which is why mornings are so rough.)  Though, I’m a “DO IT MYSELF!” kind of person, and the full thought of accepting such help is similar to admitting defeat.

Then I had a business advocate meeting.  Which my blog here didn’t pass inspection. Apparently it looks *too much like a blog and not enough like a webpage*…. 😛

So, LOTS of work today on the blog.

& I’m also supposed to NETWORK more… like… in person… with people… alone… GULP.

I don’t know how I am supposed to do this with the kids, as the biggest issue, is most of these events start before I’d even get the kids dropped off for school.  I’ll figure it out somehow though.  Even if it means waiting until summer break and only popping into a meeting for an hour.

Afterward, I picked up all the boys, came home, chaperoned homework time, created some Craigslist Ads, and now I’m here. 😉

2 just headed off to church for band practice and youth service, and I need to go do the dinner thing, then chase down and bathe a dog, 2 little boys, and trim 3 cats’ claws…

~And Pray For Sales~


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