My ramblings of the day: Sunday 1/13/13

Well, THE OFFICIAL END OF WEEK #1 of running my boutique full-time!

I reached 72.4% of my 1st financial goal!!!  (to make a minimum set amount per week to cover the bills.)

I feel that’s amazing for just starting off on this journey.  The plan is to hit the weekly goal EVERY week by July.

I realized this week that I could really use a better set up. When I made the switch, it all looked good for a quick start up- but not as “easy” to use use as I’d hoped.  The biggest issue: I don’t have much room.  Some examples:

I have *1* small desk that I use for my laptop, printer, and 2 sewing machines. This means I have to repeatedly move one of those items to use another- only one fits at a time. When using the laptop/printer, I must put the printer on my cutting table (&laptop on desk) which means I have to unplug it all in order to cut fabric, or sew, use my snap press, etc.

My desk is about 24″ x 47″. My folding, cutting cutting table is 26″ x 5′ (my awesome cutting mat I got on black Friday over laps it quite a bit.) I also have a folding ironing board.

Then I have 5 bookcases of varying sizes, 6+ storage bins, 5 under bed storage boxes, and a chest of drawers- all full of fabrics & in-stock items. 14 upcycled shipping boxes filled with “cuts”, 4 “shoe” boxes, and 6+ “bead storage boxes” filled with various other items- snaps, ribbons, etc etc.  (not nearly enough storage)

That is a lot to squeeze into this small living room- turned- studio; but there has GOT to be a better way and I will find it.  (AND there is still A LOT of “daycare” stuff in here too.) The biggest obstacle: I have no $$- everything I have has been pieced together over time- there’s no budget to go invest in a fancy organization system… or even matching bookshelves lol!  

(Which reminds me- I had a potential advertiser want to come see my “office/studio” yesterday…THAT is when I looked around and this all hit me! I wanted to reply NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT *NOW*!  lol)

BUT while typing all this out, ideas are popping into my head.  It will all come together. And knowing me, it will be beautiful- mismatched, yet matching. Hey, even painting mismatching shelving etc all the SAME color can make a huge difference in a room…



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