Christopher’s B-DAY!


Well.. Christopher was definitely a 12yr old emotional basket case bday morning. crying etc but wouldn’t tell me why. I *think* it was bc when we stopped at kroger, they only had princess&dora bday cupcakes.  NO BOY STUFF.  I got him a set of bengals& a set of red& white(not pink) valentines cupcakes for school.  The tears really started when he saw those and his cake. :-/ the only BOY cake they had was blue w/balloons.

I hadn’t added anything else to it at that point…pics later

431242_10200180275220005_1649716972_n“Wow that’s a lot of candles”

23378_10200180246059276_1009586819_n 230627_10200169642674198_568287510_n

23737_10200180322701192_630892981_n <—— CAKE “BEFORE”

543990_10200180366862296_1555490009_n<——- Cake “AFTER”



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