WEDNESDAY 01/09/13

Today has went well.  Last night I got a BIG order, and I am starting to get offers to distribute my products in stores!

I am almost 1/2 way through this week’s appts. 2 down, 4 to go.  Next one is this afternoon- (case manager appt.)

I got a call from school today… Thomas got in a small fight yesterday and he and another child have been suspended from school tomorrow.  The school continues to “talk” about getting around to his IEP adjustments and putting him in special classes… all talk, no walk. Instead, when he has a sensory melt down, they suspend him. And then there’s the fact that he is pretty behind the other children.  So, lots of talking with the case manager today.

Life is so much peaceful without the stress of trying to run 2 businesses at once.  Orders are starting to come in already.  LOTS of sewing on the menu. New items will be listed after I clear out some more 2012 stock. I selected a NEW wholesale fabric distributor, now I just need to come up with $500+ for my 1st order. This particular company is USA made, meets all rules/standards, AND lasts DOUBLE the washings that everyone else’s PUL boasts!!!  I am waiting for my package of samples now…

 I will also be selling diaper cuts at that point- for those who want to try their hand at making their own diapers etc.   I will only be able to handle making so many of the SAME EXACT DIAPER of the SAME EXACT PRINT for so long lol. Right now, I am thinking, I will list a dozen of each size/style/item in my shop of a particular design and some for possible distributors, keep about 10 yards for “later,” and then DIAPER CUTS.  I will only be able to stare the 100 yards of ONE print for so long! 😉  I of course want to be able to move on to MORE prints & colors.  100 yards of PUL lasts F O R E V E R  . I bought 80 yards of navy blue PUL last March. I am only through about 31 yards so far.  (anyone need navy blue diaper cuts???)

Ok, it is early dismissal day and I am LATE getting out the door to pick up kids!  (then appt… homework…dinner…sewing..etc etc)


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