TUESDAY 01/08/13

I woke up to *5* shops featuring my items this morning. 🙂  That’s pretty cool. (links under “publicity Part 2” above)

We have 6 appts this week. I got through 2 dentist appts this morning, got everyone dropped off at school, & made it to the gas station on (-10miles) worth of gas in my van. I got 339.3 miles out of that last tank of gas- for that I’m proud. (Although it’s more of a miracle.) 😉

Updated the Shop Facebook with the new featured item links.  Did some housework. I have some Etsy posting to do and then it’s off to work on something else business-related… although I have not fully decided on what to work on 1st honestly.  I have about 1,000 ideas I want to make and list: new pet supply items, and some adorable ideas for diapers… & poor Jazzy needs a coat… (& that means drawing up my OWN patterns of course!) 

Praying for some orders today! The 1st financial goal is to sell $200/week!

AND of course:

Customer Referral Program.
Step #1: Buy any item in my shop.

(It’s hard to “refer” a product, if you haven’t used it before. 😉 )
(doesn’t have to be diapers- remember we offer many different products.)
Step #2: Request your personal Customer Referral Code.
Step #3: SHARE your code anywhere&everywhere. (Blogs, forums, facebook, craigslist, parent groups, church, family, friends, local bulletin boards, at your work, give to your customers, etc!)
Step #4: When people use your code, they get a discount off their order AND you get rewarded for the referral! EARN UP TO 100% OFF your next purchase!

 ** I AM ONLY ACCEPTING A FEW HARD WORKING PEOPLE FOR THIS OFFER. Get in now and have little competition.**




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