Well, it is HERE.  TODAY is the 1st official day that my BOUTIQUE is our ONLY working income.

Yes, nervous is an understatement. (I say “working” income, because *I* do get about $400/mth in child support… um yeah. Exactly.)

This means no more full time childcare kiddos. Although I am still doing occasional care, if anyone is interested. 😉  Any $$ I make from occasional babysitting will go into our emergency savings as it is nothing that can be budgeted in or counted on regularly.

I posted photos of over 200 of my fabrics on my SHOP FACEBOOK PAGE on Saturday (was up past 1am.) and have many more I still need to photograph.  This will make it easier for anyone wanting a custom order.


I also have my shop messages set up to ring my phone- so I can reply as quickly as possible to customers.  

Though at the same time… Do you know the unbelievable amount of PEACE and freedom I feel right now?

I LOVE kids- but when you are dealing with not only your OWN kids/family issues, but multiple other families worth of stress and drama every single day… it is tough.  When you do full time childcare, you aren’t just caring for the children. You end up being the family’s counselor etc etc too.  You gain a connection with each child. You share their concerns.  You hurt when they hurt- just as you do with your own children. And no family is perfect- everyone has their own bottled up, hidden “mess”.  MY goal is to NOT hide mine.   I refuse to be fake.  I want others to know they are not alone.  (- the down side is others are almost drawn to me to vent to lol.)

But suddenly you are bombarded with everyone’s “stuff”… and my schedule is hectic— just read my blog— and  I’ve been required to mold my hectic life around odd/early/super long childcare hours in order to bring in enough income. There are no sick days. There are no vacation days.   With your own children, it’s ok to- say, go take a quick shower while the kids are preoccupied or asleep, or even sleep while the kids are asleep- you can’t do that with childcare; you are being paid to keep 100% attention on that child.  (At least that is MY belief.)

It has been a lot of prayer..and it will continue to be a lot of prayer.

Ok, I am off to advertise, sew, etc etc etc!!! 🙂


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