Thursday, 01/03/12

Today I have up and working since 3:30am. family with 2 bonus kids til 3pm(1 I dropped off at school this morning), and another with 1 bonus kid til 4:30.  I have an meeting at 5pm.

It will be weird having NO “bonus kids”  in my home in a matter of weeks…

So, I have been doing the kiddo thing and answering emails/convos for the most part.

The big goal in the next 2 days and to further sort my fabrics and photograph them to upload for MORE custom order slots.  I have over 5,000 fabrics, so I have been putting it off. 😉  To date, I had my fabrics sorted “flannels”, “cottons broadcloth”, “PUL”, “microfiber”, and “other”.  NOW, the goal is to get it sorted “flannel-girly”, “flannel-animals”, “flannel-pirates”, “flannel-licensed”, “flannel-dinos&monsters”….. you get the idea.  That way, when a customer says “I’m really looking for *XYZ* patterns” I can more easily pull those particular designs out.

I have 16 “sports” themed flannels, 6 “pirate” theme flannels, 31 “animals” flannels, 8 “aliens/monsters/dinos” flannels, 6 “nighttime” theme flannels for night time fitteds, & 17 “licensed character” flannels- sorted out in stacks in my studio…. as well as a 2ft stack of “other” flannel designs”, a 2ft stack of “super girly” flannels also sitting on my cutting table.

OH. something else about me- you will N E V E R see me lay fabrics on the floor/ground! That is a pet peeve of mine… how many times do you see sellers- all over- laying their products on the GROUND in photos??? Either on the carpet, tile floor- and I’ve even seen OUTSIDE ground. EEK. NO. Not here. Not me. I take pride in my work.  I put a lot into every product. I am not about to let it get soiled.  But of course, I am also the type who vacuums my house at least 2x per day… I care for children here- mostly little ones- who like to do things like lick the floor, and if they can find a loose carpet thread, they’ll try to eat it…lol.  (If you are a parent, you know what I’m talking about.)  I have 3 cats and a dog and yet actually babysat for a family, in MY home, who was ALLERGIC to CATS.  They were shocked that they never had a reaction here, where as couldn’t go in anyone else’s home if they had cats without getting sick.  (YES. I am proud of that. ;-))

That said, fabrics, products, etc, STILL won’t ever be caught on my floor.

Ok, back to work before the little ones wake up!


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