January 2, 2013

Well. Gulp. This is it. This is T H E  month. No more full-time childcare income at the end of this month.  I will still be doing occasional care, but not enough to count on.  That leaves everything up to me running my boutique.

The childcare money covered the bills, yes, but working so much, not getting much sleep, crazy schedules starting at as early as 3am to as late as 11pm & still trying to care for my children’s special needs- – well, I just can’t keep doing it.  I look horrible- the stress has taken a visual toll. I have gained 10lbs. 

I have to just trust God and let him lead us/my business.  And I have to make time for me again so I can give my best to all involved- my children- my business.  

I did a lot of posting and advertising again today. I’d say I logged a good 8 hours combined total- had to stop to pick up kids, feed them dinner etc.

Right now I have 2 at church, and headed to tuck 2 in bed. Up for work by 3am.

 I wont miss the 3am thing.  Sleeping until 7am during the break has been pure B L I S S…





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