TUES 1/29/13

Well 1st, check out how to get a FREE Cloth diaper!


And 2nd, I think the black cloud is lifting lol… 

We have 6 appointments this week… 2 down.

We survived Thomas’s IEP meeting… lots of modifications finally being added. AND they are looking into changing his IEP to an OHI IEP finally… 

Business class starts tomorrow night. Looking forward to learning more…but not the homework… 😉 

Soooooooooooooooo much to work on around here its….its….. IT’S….. Normal.

Heading out to walk the dogs, and then get back to BOUTIQUE work!

Thank you for taking the time to read and care!




How Much MORE??!!

 AT LEAST I see a CLEARING ahead!

Everything has been falling apart and a stressful mess. I went to return the rental and they tell me TODAY it was only covered through last Friday… the day they told me not to worry, it was all taken care of.  So, now I’m fighting having to pay the $150/day in rental fees for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today.  & my van didnt get fully fixed.  BUT I have it back! and Its drivable!  Waiting for the whole rental/ins/wreck mess to be over!

About to head to an IEP meeting.  Again, the faster I get us through this, the faster that stress isnt hanging over my head!

I NEED a vacation! Even if I just go hang with a friend for a weekend.  Just to get away (a weekend I dont have kids here) and HIDE from the life mess here…

I start my class wed night. still haven’t found a baby sitter…

I spent part of the day reorganizing a bunch of stock/products, getting them all sorted out. Next step is to go in and make sure EACH (over 200 items listed in store) is actually listed, & didn’t just end up in the “listed stock” bins. AND take new pictures for most, AND create packaging etc.

Still have budgeting stuff to figure out… expenses last worked down to $1,180/mth, but still too high right now… need to figure out what else to cut… & need to MAKE more so I can buy wholesale fabrics….


Alright! off to the IEP meeting!!



Disposable vs Cloth Diapers

Did you know that Disposable Diapers contribute to about * 1/3* of landfills world wide?!

And that only *5%* of the world’s population even uses disposable diapers?!

And every single disposable diaper you change & toss, will STILL be sitting in a landfill somewhere when your great- grandchildren’s grandchildren are grown.  Every single one.

AND *1* baby easily goes through at least 3,000 disposable diapers!

AND that is a minimum of $2,400 out of your pocket!

AND the average cost of CLOTH DIAPERS needed for a baby: $347….

AND you can save and reuse cloth diapers on future babies OR resell them just like you would their out-grown clothes!

AND don’t get me started on all the CHEMICALS in disposable diapers! It is ABSOLUTELY SCARY. SOOOO SCARY and harmful I will NOT go into it here. If you want to know more about the DANGEROUS disposable diaper chemicals, go >HERE< .

DIAPER RASH? Well, urine is sterile, unless the child is sick.  So, as long as you change diapers regularly, especially with bowel movements to remove bacteria, you will see a DRASTIC decrease in diaper rash- as baby is not sitting in chemicals.

AND our diaper inside layers are 100% cotton, which washes cleaner than other fabrics.

AND don’t forget, every single time you choose a CLOTH diaper over a disposable, that is 1 less diaper in the landfill!  Even cloth diapering part time can make a BIG impact!

*I* can show you how to save even MORE by using BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique Diapers & Trainers!

And our products are:

Chemical Free

BPA Free



& If you buy ANY 12 BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique Diapers &/or trainers, you can get a 13th diaper FREE!   All styles, sizes & any mix of diapers/covers/trainers included!

Buy 12 diapers, get 2 free AND FREE SHIPPING!

(13th diaper choice can be ANY in-stock diaper of equal or lesser value.)

Buy 24 diapers, get 2 FREE!!

On Reading Other Blogs…

Ok… I have browsed around and looks at other blogs… and:

If it’s one loooooooonnnnnnngggggggg page, I get about a paragraph or so in, & it’s way too much.    It just all runs together.  I can’t focus.  I just move on.  Maybe it’s ADHD, maybe its…?

I like short and sweet.  I either want to LEARN something (with few words), OR SEE that I’m not alone in this crazy, messed up world.

So, how about YOU?  Does this happen to you to or am I just weird??? 😉



Saturday Ramblings 1/26/13

The 3 youngest are with their dad for the weekend.  Christopher sang the national anthem at a basketball game last night. I asked their dad if he’d take them, and he agreed.  I didn’t go. I feel guilty.  But hey, it was $6, and he was singing 1 song and then you sit through the game. I try to go to ALL of their stuff. …. & they weren’t “alone”… their dad was there. (& probably with his new family.)  I would’ve been just sitting off alone in the audience anyway…

About to pack/ship an order today- its the LAST day to ship before rates INCREASE!

Volunteering today. Meeting afterward today.  Possible used clothing purchase today- stuff to upcycle into a new “recycled” line.  I also plan to sell buttons, etc….anything else cool I can rescue from the products. Already have some VERY cute ideas…

I NEED TO MAKE COATS for our dogs!  Especially the baby- she shivers every time I take her out… poor thing. 😦

The puppy is up and bouncing around HYPER today… having a fur-baby is similar to a human baby… they wake you up to potty/eat.  They wake early and CRY until you come get them from their “crib”. They have to eat every few hours & need constant attention. (You’d think I was torturing her that I won’t let her in my studio lol.)  And they get into EVERYTHING.  Oh. & there’s the teething.  THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE: you can leave them home alone & not go to jail… ;-P

Alright. I gotta go put in my 5+ hours!

~There are ALWAYS people worse off than you. Go find them, and HELP make a difference.~