another ever famous Wednesday…

Well our Christmas went ok. The boys seemed happy. I seemed the only one who noticed how much smaller things were this year.

The 3 younger boys went with their father for the next few days.  The oldest is hiding in his room.  And we are snowed in here. I have not gotten much done, beyond a shower and getting dressed- have had a massive head ache most of the day.  

Christopher’s gift (11) was a rock polisher, that has been rumbling for 3 days straight- (may be why my head is rumbling)… I have been switching out his rocks for him while he is away- just put it the 3rd set for the “step 1” phase…. frugal mom, realized pretty quick that I can scoop out the finished rocks, add the next set,  a little more water, and use the SAME “step 1” powder over and over.

Other than that, not much is getting done while the boys are away…. I had this whole mental list that I planned to get to- all that stuff that seems impossible while the house is full of children- but  it’s not even started.

I guess tomorrow is a new day… 


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