another Wednesday…

It has been really busy around here… well, more than usual.  Some Good. Some bad.  I choose to focus on the GOOD.

Sales are starting to climb. Slowly, but heading up.

My 2 of the boys had a school concert last night.   It was hard to hold back tears over how adorable they are. To be able to hold them all tight and be so thankful. They are my everything.

Today, I received a customer email, that brightened my day:

“These diapers are AWESOME!! I use them with two hemp/cotton liners at night and no leaks. Thank you for making these!”

I take my work very seriously. It’s a passion of mine. And, of course, now it is nearly our only income. Yes, I get a small amount of child support. And I am still babysitting here and there. But like I stated in a previous post, the income here in quite limited. SO, every single positive feedback, every single positive email, etc, is just that little BOOST of excitement that makes it all worth while. To keep me fighting and positive and determined to keep heading UP.

My boys all have “early dismissal” today, and I plan to use this extra time VERY productively!  Time together, and time to get stuff put back together around the house… 😉

For now, I’m headed off to make lunch for an anticipating toddler.

God Bless,



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