Tuesday (weekend)Update…

Hello Word Press World.

It has been a rough week, but Christopher was feeling better by Saturday, so we did get some family time in this past weekend- our weekly volunteer time Saturday morning, and then the Creation Museum’s “Christmas Town” Saturday evening, followed by church Sunday morning and then we built a Gingerbread House Sunday afternoon… which, I think it’s safe to say, I am NOT in the house construction business… 😉

(Note the roof SLIIIIDDDDDDDINNNG off, even though we waited the “15mins to dry” lol


As for the rest of the week, well, someone keeps reporting me on facebook- I have everything I can marked to private on my personal page, but it doesn’t seem to be helping and facebook gives no contact info and obviously won’t say who is doing the reporting(or you better believe at this point Id be taking that info and filing a police report). I have been reported as sending friend requests to people I don’t know- which I haven’t, I rarely even send them- AND now, who ever it is is reporting me as a spammer and I surely have not done that either(I only REPLY to messages),  The reports have blocked me from ALL groups and pages on facebook, including my own shop page, and I am blocked from all messages- I can not reply to facebook messages/emails.  I can not understand why anyone would go out of their way to do these things.  It’s very frustrating. I’m about the most rule following, law abiding person you could know. I don’t drink, smoke, etc and I have never even had a speeding ticket, yet these people/things seem to seek me out- so much so, that those who know me point out that fact.

If some crazy person is going to decide to cut someone off in traffic and jump out and threaten to kill them- it happens to me. Seriously.(It’s happened at least twice, &-also pointed out to me- only when just me and my younger boys are in the car. How strange is that?!)

& This is NOT the 1st time this “hidden person” has done this on Facebook.  I just don’t get it.   I literally have friends that say “man, for someone who is such a goody goody, you sure do have some horrible luck..”

Yesterday (Monday) I also witnessed a group of boys “gang up” on my 8yr old after I dropped him off at school. Luckily, he wasn’t really physically hurt(as I immediately jumped from my van and yelled after I watched the 1st punch), but it was a 2 day ordeal with the school officials.  And all because he walked over to hug a female friend of his(she’s a 6th grade safety patrol, he’s a 3rd grade boy, which apparently this group of boys did not like).  This time, the school seems to have a plan in place to keep him safer.  There is only 1 thing tougher than a MaMa Bear, and that is a MaMa Bear of a child with special needs….

So. I keep on, keeping on.  There is not much I can do about it.  I admit, some days are much more difficult than others.  I have to just try and shake all the negative off and move forward anyway, no matter who these mystery people are who try to stop me.  I just try and picture how much better we will be in a year… in 5 years…etc.. if I just keep moving forward.


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