Well, Christopher(11) is home sick today with an ear infection. Today’s plans—- this entire weekend;s plans have been drastically altered.  Babysitting 4am+, rough morning with Thomas(8), then finding out Christopher is sick- all before 8am.

Dropped kids off at the 2 elementaries (opposite side of town), then headed to doctor, which thankfully went rather quickly. Back home, put baby down for nap and got an order sewn- still needs packaged and shipped.

Poor Christopher is hurting from head to toe and pale. 😦 No fever- though even the Dr commented on how “warm” he feels. He has an ear infection, and virus, that seemed to sneak up rather quickly over the night.

Between him now sick and the rain storm that has hit us, our weekend “fun” plans are canceled.

And to make life even more interesting, my 1/2 broken phone is now rebooting constantly, making it VERY difficult to call and schedule all the appts etc I need to get done today. I had to call the case manager’s voice mail 5 times because as soon as I’d start leaving a message, my “wonderful” phone would turn off…. interesting 5 partial voice mails she will be getting today…sigh…

(I’m pretty convinced they purposefully set these phones up to FAIL after about a year, so you have to get a new one yearly…yep. gotta be it…)


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