Thomas (8) met his case manager for the 1st time Tuesday! She is great..and FAST. She is already planning on going to his school next week and talking to as many “school people” as possible to find him alternatives he may be missing out on.  It feels SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better to know someone else is helping with some of his things, instead of the entire situation/responsibility being sitting on just my shoulders!

I had a great business meeting yesterday with the gentlemen who are helping me getting my business moving.  They helped me get access to my shop on my laptop(for some reason I couldn’t add new items or edit items etc) And sat down with me and showed me MANY more aspects of this BLOG- how it works, how to add Pages across the top in that bar part I hadn’t even noticed… 😉

Go check out the pages- I have added a few so far! 🙂 I think it’s a good start…

They said something about PUBLICITY for me (photos, video, news, etc), and I went white and can’t tell you much more about it other than the idea is terrifying… lol. (Cant I just hide here, behind this computer screen?????)  😉

As for this week, I have been responsible for 4 appointments so far. (& lots of phone calls for scheduling etc.) And of course, the normal life of a mother- taking 4 kids to/from school & activities, feeding them, homework X4, baths X5, walking the dog, caring for our 3 cats, sewing, cleaning, babysitting 4:00am- 4pm, etc etc— you know normal stuff.

I have all these IDEAS! in my head of things I want to do with the boys during this Christmas season.  I KNOW I’m taking them to the Cincinnati Zoo for the festival of Lights this weekend.  And of course we volunteer every Saturday morning.

We also need to to find time to go buy a car this weekend.  $300 + $30/mth = “insurance plan” that when my vans finally dies, say, last minute, on our way out the door to school, a doctors appt, or to get stitches due to the latest BOY catastrophe  we will be able to jump in the car and still make it.  Since I have no one to call “in case of emergency” this has been a point of anxiety for me.  So, it’s my own personal “insurance plan” cleverly disguised as “Michael’s new car”….

…&he gets to pay for it of course, and it will go with him to college in 7 mths, but meanwhile, it is peace of mind… 😉

Also, today I started working on the teacher gifts… step 1 was basically tieing a small ornament and bell onto several coffee cups.

GOAL FOR THIS WEEKEND: RELAX AND HAVE FUN! Go enjoy CHRISTMAS with my boys! (pray for my work-o-holic self. It’s hard to put down the ever growing to-do list.)



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