Are you home alone at any point of the day??
SAVE on your heat bill, by shutting vents to unused rooms & investing in a small heater – (I found mine at Walmart for $20. It shuts off if knocked over too!)
Use the heater in the room you spend most time in and turn your furnace down to 60 or so. My heater is in my “studio” aka living room, which is also where I babysit while my kids are in school. I turn the heat down when they wake up and back up later after everyone is settled- so about 10hr/day our main temp is about 65. (or warmer- as our house is pretty good at retaining heat.) I set it at 70 at night.
Our house is about 1900 sq feet + full basement, and my monthly utility bill is about $175/mth (sometimes less!) using this method versus $250/mth before.

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