I got a lot of advertising done today, mostly free stuff, but also etsy paid stuff… we shall see.  JANUARY 24th looks like the officially last day for babysitting (at least full time), so I am rushing now to get my name out there more and start producing enough for us to keep surviving on our own. I’m trying not to be too nervous.

I’m happy to report that God DID provide what we needed during the Christmas break, to cover us since I was “off” from the babysitting.

Well now: Hanging out with my kiddos watching movies. What better thing? 🙂

Tomorrow we will just hang out and relax one last day- then back to school/work at 3am Wednesday! 😉

Back On Track for 2013

2012 has been rough. Roller Coaster rough. Shoot, the past 3 years as a single mom have been rough.  People ask me how I do it- how I put up with everything dumped on me AND raise 4 boys.  I have no idea! lol… I just DO it. I get up each day. I open my schedule book. I focus on THAT day’s list. I plan ahead, by loading up my schedule book BUT I only focus on one day at a time.

BUT I admit- it has been harder when I am being drug into court and when more ridiculous demands are placed on my shoulders.  I just haven’t understood WHY. Why someone who has everything they wanted, would go so far out of their way to hurt others.  I was told by well meaning others “you will never understand why some people are like that. They just are.” But NO. I prayed and begged God for answers. I truly wanted to know WHY.  What makes some behave this way?

Yesterday, God finally gave me the understanding I have been begging for- a totally new perspective.  I honestly placed a lot of blame on myself-kept searching for what I did/am doing “wrong” (you know, everyone talking about “karma” and such)- when it really has nothing at all do do with me.  IT HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ME. (I’m still working on emotionally grasping this. ) 😉

All the “negative” has been thrown at me to cloud my vision from God/God’s plan.  Does it instantly fix my situation? No. BUT at least I can go into 2013 with a lighter heart.

I am wiping away the dust clouds, and putting/keeping my focus and trust on Jesus.  God promises to meet our every need, and even through all the mountains of stress, and some “too close for comfort” calls, He has still done this.  God knows what I need more than I do.

Meanwhile, I am putting together a new schedule, with time to rest, and will keep on keeping on- leaving the stress and worry to God.

another ever famous Wednesday…

Well our Christmas went ok. The boys seemed happy. I seemed the only one who noticed how much smaller things were this year.

The 3 younger boys went with their father for the next few days.  The oldest is hiding in his room.  And we are snowed in here. I have not gotten much done, beyond a shower and getting dressed- have had a massive head ache most of the day.  

Christopher’s gift (11) was a rock polisher, that has been rumbling for 3 days straight- (may be why my head is rumbling)… I have been switching out his rocks for him while he is away- just put it the 3rd set for the “step 1” phase…. frugal mom, realized pretty quick that I can scoop out the finished rocks, add the next set,  a little more water, and use the SAME “step 1” powder over and over.

Other than that, not much is getting done while the boys are away…. I had this whole mental list that I planned to get to- all that stuff that seems impossible while the house is full of children- but  it’s not even started.

I guess tomorrow is a new day…