Tuesday Update


The boys came home Sunday evening and we put up the Christmas decorations.  🙂

I take A LOT of photos so its really hard to just choose one…(& I seriously just accidentally figured out how to insert of photo into the text box lol.)

Yesterday was all day running my 8yr old to his appts. (thankful I was able to get a few on the same day.) He finally had his case manager intake! He starts next week! Meanwhile his Meds Dr referred him to Childrens Hospital to be officially tested for sensory issues as well. They want him to have specialized OT that they dont do at school. (When exactly do they expect him to be able to GO to school with all of this stuff going on?!)

Today was all about hiking around picking up Rxs, etc, after taking the school-agers to school. Tomorrow, more appts. 

The back of my van is full of donations already for The Healing Center, where we volunteer on Saturdays. More in the house that I cant take out til Friday night because I need to be able to put all the seats down.

I haven’t thought much aboput Christmas presents yet.  Black Friday was all about me getting the main supplies to get my boutique moving faster.  The 3 youngest will be with their Dad Christmas eve night@ 10pm, Christmas Day, & the 5 following days after. So, “Santa is going to DADs house this year…” And I told the boys the sewing supplies&LAPTOP! were dropped off by santa early, while they were away.

This morning, my 11yr old asked me… “if Santa came early for you… and Santa is going to DADs house… what about Michael??”  …..lol.





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