BLACK FRIDAY/ Thanksgiving Break

1st: I FINALLY HAVE A COMPUTER!  That’s right- I have been running an online business using only my broken cell phone and the 45min alloted time at the library lol…  NOW. Trusting God to pay for this thing. I just couldnt truely work my business full time- advertise etc- without a home computer.

2nd: Its Thanksgiving Break! Michael (17) is here, but off “hiding” as teens do, and my 3 youngest are with their father for the break- gone til Sunday evening.  It’s killing me. I’m so very used to them being here 24/7.  It’s too quiet.

I DID get Thomas(8) & Andrew(6)’s room cleaned out. It looks GREAT…. and will stay that way til about 6:05pm this Sunday… 😉 Bagged up toys to donate& put them in the back of my van til next Saturday when we go volunteer. (we volunter every sat, but its closed tomorrow bc of holiday)

OH! I got a DOG last Saturday. She’s a “Bagle Hound”- No, that’s not a mispelling- its now a recognised breed- mix between Beagle & Bassitt Hound. 6yrs old. Her previous family has a baby & about to have another and couldnt give her the time she needs.

Life is rough right now, and I really wasn’t thinking about investing in a dog.  But, I was told recently: “sometimes we get what we NEED, even if we don’t realize we need it.”

I got to admit, she has gotten me thinking about my weak pet line. I maybe have 2 or 3 listings? At one time, it was supposed to be nearly 1/3- 1/2 my shop. & I of course already made her a neckerchief- just quickly whiped something up in like 10mins, definitely not my best work/effort- but already gotten compliments on it, and a possible lead to sell some at a local groomer- all by “accident”…

Well, right now I am in the middle of making 6 newborn cloth diaper covers/AI2s.  When my boys were little, I found using a simple cover like mine(with NO plasticy stuff against baby) and laying inserts in the covers was the very best way to diaper a newborn. They go through so many diapers and it seemed that as soon as I’d change them, they’d immediately need changed again.  Well, with using these covers, and just layting in a newborn insert, I could just change the insert itself when just wet, instead of an entire diaper every time.  Granted, sometimes they would REALLY soak the insert, and I’d have to wipe out and hang dry the cover and use another awhile, BUT it cut down on the laundry quite a bit.  Another thing I experienced, is that every “newborn” diaper I came across was HUGE on my teeny 6lb babies. There was no way I could put regular pants over them- even the “popular” brands.  And that is what started me down the path to creating my own.  I pride myself in my brand and how SUPER trim they are- and yet still being amazingly absorbant.  But anyway, back to making these covers! 😉


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