So. Today has been a roller coaster…

I drove gthe hour round trip to the closest fabric store. 2nd in line. Got a ticket for a $500 sewing machine for only $190.

BUT. I talked myself out of it.  1st- I dont have the $$ to spend. 2nd- my current sewing machine still works…

I went home… I start to make some newborn diaper covers. BOOM. My sewing machine broke. Yeah… my $200 sewing machine that was actually $200.

Then, I checked my child support debit card- an arrears payment had been made- it was NOT on the card this morning.

So, I decided to call the store and see if by any chance they still had it..and.. THEY DID! hours later, it was still up front with my name on it lol.

I made the hour round trip AGAIN and got it.  Oh. And I have to make the trip again tomorrow morning for another product lol… yeah.. story of my life- but at least this time it ended postive.

& 6 more newborn diaper covers landed in my shop.



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