So today I woke up at around 3:30am- couldnt sleep. Im up this early throughout the week, because I babysit for a mom who has early work hours. I am not sure for how long as she is awaiting daycare assistance to go through. so until then my biological clock is set for E A R L Y . (& I apologize for typos. This is my first post using my phone- which is broken- and I dont have a computer.)

I got up, showered, and now am making curtains for my living room-turned-office. We have lived here about a year, so it’s overdue. Honestly, I couldnt afford to buy curtains, more or less for giant windows, and finding any spare time is basically impossible with out letting someone down.

Ive been working on them for over 2hrs so far, and will post before&after pics…if I can figure out how.. 😉

HINT: they are GREEN.

I love the color green because it’s fresh&new feeling. It really boosts my energy and creativity. It reminds me of springtime, when everything gets to start over fresh.

So. Anyway. The boys will be up soon and then we will be off togo put our weekly volunteer hours. The goal is always 8am-12:30pm+. Its about 1/2hr drive, one way. Volunteering is reminder that no matter how tough your situation, there are ALWAYS those worse off.


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