Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I’m Christinewith4, a single mother of 4 great boys(each has unique special needs) and owner of BumbleBeeBottomsBoutique.com.

Even though our circumstances keep me from being able to work outside of the home due to childcare issues,

I am determined to raise my children myself and to be SELF SUFFICIENT through my business!

January 2013, I officially took the plunge- going from “hobby” status, to working my boutique FULL TIME (our only income).

It’s scary venture, but I’m going in with nearly   2 DECADES   of diapering experience (dozens of children),

& over 7 years of 100%+ business feedback.

I have always been determined to make it.

“We” are also VERY big on volunteering & giving back to the community-

as “there is always someone out there worse off than you.”

 🙂 Come follow our journey! 🙂

Check out our shop:


This blog is an open window into our lives, and I hope it is an inspiration for you.

I always say, if *I* can make it, anyone can!

~Thank you for your support.~


In June 2014, I opened a 2nd business: Bee U Retail & Consignment!

See our June 2014 + posts & our facebook links below for more info:



And don’t forget to like & follow our pages! 🙂



5 thoughts on “HOME

  1. You GO girl! More power to ya! You are strong and YOU can do it! Its a tough road but I can tell you’re determined and you’ll make it!

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